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Gynecological Care and Infertility Treatment

From well-woman exams and gynecological solutions to infertility treatments, Omega Ob-Gyn provides all the resources you need to stay healthy.

Reaching a Milestone

As a teenager, you are generally under the care of your family physician and a visit to the gynecologist is necessary only when a menstrual problem exists or a pregnancy occurs. Turning 18 is a milestone for any woman. It changes your life in several ways, including graduation from high school, living away from your family for the first time, and actively participating in the health and well-being of your body.

Annual Exams

At age 18, an annual gynecological exam should be part of your health care program, just like getting your teeth cleaned. And, just like a visit to the dentist, this exam is usually provided for by your insurance company.

A well-woman exam is the best way to detect significant changes in your body's systems, including reproductive, mammary, urological, and bone structure systems. We educate you on what to expect at your annual exam during each stage of your life. Keep in mind that all women are unique and exams are tailored specifically to your needs.
Gynecological Care and Infertility Treatment

Infertility Issues

This most sensitive of issues requires discretion and care. Rest assured that we do everything we can to ease the stress of this often temporary situation.

Omega Ob-Gyn specializes in treating fertility issues in women, and we employ the highest standard of care, as well as assisted technologies when needed. All lab work, ultrasounds, and intrauterine insemination are done on-site to ensure your privacy.
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